Stanley Morison's Egg-Sandwich Exegesis

a parody of stanley morison's prose.
printed in an edition of 100 numbered copies. in print.

“The pamphlet is a most entertaining parody of Morison’s rigorous researches and exacting literary style. It is also well-designed and printed. The pages — set on a computer in digitized Fell and printed letterpress from polymer plates — are well laid out with proper margins, and the presswork is very creditable. . . . Though modest in scale, Stanley Morison’s Egg-Sandwich Exegesis is a success, and bodes very well for future publications from Inferno Press.”— Reviewed by Paul W. Nash in Parenthesis 12, November 2006.

What do Stanley Morison, the Fell types, egg sandwiches and literary hoaxes have in common? You'll find out in Stanley Morison's Egg-Sandwich Exegesis, a parody of the prose style of the twentieth century's greatest typographic historian. As you can guess from this description, the book was published for a very . . . select audience. In a fit of optimism, we printed 100 copies. For anyone who enjoys a good literary hoax and a bit of fun at a great writer's expense, this book is sure to delight.

"It is my hope that this fragment will interest typophiles, historians of the printed word as well as those with an interest in Belgian sandwich-making in the 1950s, about which subject there is still a great deal to explore." — from the Preface.

Stanley Morison's Egg-Sandwich Exegesis is set digitally in Fell types—about which Morison spent forty years researching and writing—and was printed letterpress on Mohawk paper and bound in soft covers. With an original illustration by Brent Dutton (see below). Nine pages. 5 by 8 inches. The price is CDN$30 which includes shipping anywhere in the world.

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"Type High Gauge and Sandwich"
Illustration by Brent Dutton